Mary Duncan School

Per Ardua Ad Augusta
(Through Hard Work Comes Greatness)

On Sunday, September 26, 2014, arsons burned Mary Duncan School. This tragic event changed the lives of all our students, staff, and the entire community.

At that time, Mary Duncan School was the home of:
  • the Halcrow Lake Daycare
  • Great Expectations (GE) & Positive Academic Continuous Education (PACE) - KSD Alternate Education
  • Kelsey Learning Centre (KLC) - KSD Adult Education

During the re-building process, Guy Hall is the home of the Halcrow Lake Daycare Centre, portable classrooms were installed for GE and PACE, and University College of the North is the home of KLC.

The former Mary Duncan web site contains countless irreplaceable memories. It has been decided to archive the former site to retain these memories. New web sites have been designed for Mary Duncan School (GE and PACE) and the Kelsey Learning Centre (KLC).

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Archived Mary Duncan School Web Site
Current Mary Duncan School Web Site
Kelsey Learning Centre